virtual trauma


Virtual trauma examines our relationship with the virtual self and a speculated post-virtual human.


Creative director and concept, Adriana Restrepo.

Fashion and artefact design (pencil 3D printing), Adriana Restrepo.

Camera and co-direction, Leo Carreño.

Model, Maria Jose Jimenez.

Set design, Fernando Santos.

Asistants, Santiago Hernadez, Adriana Chaparro.

Editing, Adriana Restrepo.


future body


Director, Nirma Madhoo.
Costume and artefact design (pencil 3D printing), Adriana Restrepo.

Model, Alice Hurel.

Make up, Kat Krupa-Ringuet.


Costumes that are not designed by Adriana Restrepo: (00:09, 01:49)

Shoes, Iris van Herpen.



Costume and artefact design (pencil 3D printing), Adriana Restrepo.

Director, Nirma Madhoo.
Model, Alice Hurel.

Make up, Kat Krupa-Ringuet.


cielo adentro


Music, Alfonso Espriella.

Costume design, Adriana Restrepo.

Director, Leo Carreño.

Make up, model, Adriana Restrepo.


stentorian transition


Costume design, Adriana Restrepo.

Directors, Leo Carreño, Adriana Restrepo.
Models, Alejandro Valderrama, Dave Castiblanco, Laura Molina.

Make up and styling, Adriana Restrepo.

Editing, Adriana Restrepo.


© 2016 by Adriana Restrepo.

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